Concert 2: Tarab Wa Watar

Tarab Wa Watar, the second concert held during the Songs of Peace and Reconciliation Colloquium in Beirut featured the Watar choir under the direction of Nizar Fares. This choir composed of adults and children sang a variety of popular Arabic folk songs. It had a strong communal element with many members of the audience spontaneously joining in singing along with the performers.

Choir Director: Nizar Fares
Children’s Choir Teachers: Osama El Hajj and Maya Al Asmar

Musicians: Charbel Eid (Oud), Raymond Nassif (Violin), Khalil El Baba (Violin), Roger Aantouri (Cello), Sadek Malaab (Kanun), Carbel Salameh (Riqq), Josef Karam (Nay)

Choir: Diana Kehdi, Mireille Atieh, Rita Atieh, Nadia Hanna, Antoinette Feghali, Rita Kassis, Sarah Abboud, Charlotte Hattouni, Tammy Issa, Roula Issa, Tamara Youssef, Vick Zgheib, Mary Dagher, Elie Zgheib, Pierre Houssney, David Salameh, Elie Kayrouz, Elie Haddad, Anthony Hasrouty

Ushers: Mirella Sahih, Patricia Sahih, Nadine Feghali, Antoinette Zgheib, Anouar Boustany

Special Thanks
Bishop Paul Matar
Songs of Peace and Reconciliation Colloquium
Sound Engineering: Shady Akiki
Decoration: Antoinette Zgheib
Catering: Mireille Hreiz (Fleur De Lys)