“How is music and song used in our faiths and daily lives to foster peace and reconciliation?”

[un]Common Sounds is a three-year research project funded by the Henry Luce foundation that aims to identify the contribution of music and related arts in nurturing sustainable peace building among Muslims and Christians. In April 2008 and 2009, twenty-one Christian and Muslim scholar-musicians met for two consultations, one in Beirut, Lebanon and the other in Yogykarta, Indonesia, to discuss the multiple dynamics of peace building through music. Scholars and consultation participants also shared the stage for peace building by performing in four concerts. Research and music projects spanning the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia are featured here. Our desire is to initiate conversations that contribute to learning to live together in neighborly ways through the vehicle of music and related arts.

Mission Statement

[un]Common Sounds: Exploring the contribution of music and the arts in fostering sustainable peacebuilding among Muslims and Christians.